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The blog Boston Makes Music Videos (All the news on Boston bands, labels, filmmakers and the music videos they make) posted an article on our video Exposition. Check it out here!

Kid:Nap:Kin – “Exposition”

This video is a little on the old side, but I am still fond of it because, full disclosure, I was involved in the making. See those fabulous wire puppets tormenting the nice people of the Land of Make-Believe? Yeah, I made those.

Kid:nap:kin won the Best New Act at the Boston Music Awards in 2007. They had been a solid part of the Boston rock scene before and have continued to be since. While they released their second album, Hush Now in April of ’08, this video is from their first album, Touring the Riot Scene, which was released in late ’06.

The director of the video , Stephanie Stender, then a graduate film production student at Boston Uni (now a successful associate producer), is a crafty crafty lady. The band came to her with the demented Mr. Rogers concept, and she ran with it. She managed to build the set on a shoestring budget and then shoot this video within the course of a single week, even the stop-motion, which is quite a feat. Lead singer Dan Ellis is a true performer, on stage and on camera, and I love the way he hams up his bizarro Mr. Rogers role. Also, how much do you LOVE the puppet versions of the band members? (Former) bassist Jamila Weaver’s is my favorite.

Ms. Stender is still a busy girl in the Boston scene. Check out her works here. For more of Kid:nap:kin’s sound, check out their Myspace. In the meantime, enjoy “Exposition”!

Stephanie Stender | dir.
Sidehatch Entertainment Group | production co.